Lost City Quest

Jul 11, 2015
Lost City Quest
  • Requirements:
    • 36 Crafting
    • 36 Woodcutting

    Items needed (can be bought from the G.E.):
    • Bronze Hatchet
    • Knife

    1. Teleport to Lumbridge and speak to the Warrior in the Swamp.



    2. After you speak to him choose option: "I want to find Zanaris." and then "Awwh Come on man you have to know something?" He'll then tell you he knows some guy called Shamus and you should talk to him. Go to the tree marked on the minimap and chop it so Shamus talks to you.



    3. Speak to Shamus and choose options "I want to find Zanaris." & "Tell me more about this shed" then "So how do I get this Draman staff?" After you're done speaking to him go the Monks of Entrana at the Port Sarim docks.
    • You can get there by using a Glory amulet and teleporting to Draynor then walking there or by the Port Sarim Loadestone).
    • Make sure you actually talk to the monk and not fast travel cause that won't make any progress in the quest.
    • Bank everything.


    4. Once you get to Entrana follow the line on the minimap and climb down the ladder.



    5. Follow this line again until you get to the DramenTree. Once there try to chop the tree down and a Tree Spirit will attack you. After you kill it, chop the tree again to get Dramen branch.



    6. Teleport Home and then get a Knife, use it on the Dramen branch that you got to create a Dramen Staff.



    7. Go back to the Lumbridge Swamp and you'll find the shed in this location. Enter it while wielding your Dramen staff to finish the quest.





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