Revenant Hunting

Oct 12, 2015
Revenant Hunting
  • Revenant Hunting Guide
    • The minimum amount of players needed for the extra drop effect (F2P mode only) is three.
    • The drop rate is higher in F2P mode rather than P2P mode.
    • Drops include: FOG tokens, Clan Points (do ::ranks in-game to view this), Tickets (rare), Vesta, Morrigan, etc.
    • Musicians work for faster run recovery.
    • The Chaos Altar can be used (mapped location posted below).
    • Revenants are scattered throughout the entire Wilderness (mapped locations posted below).

    Equipment Setup:
    [F2P Mode]

    • Use a Maple Shortbow for faster ammunition speed. Use Colored Bows & Golden Sights (with Rune Arrows) at your own risk.
    • Use an Amulet of Power (if you decide to bring a Dance Card).
    • Fighting Boots or Rainbow Boots are good alternatives to Leather Boots.
    [P2P Mode]

    • Black D'Hide is a cheaper alternative compared to Barrows.
    • Use a Zaryte Bow as another alternative.
    • Use a Rune Crossbow, if you do not want to risk a Chaotic Crossbow (200,000 Dungeoneering Tokens).
    Inventory Setup:
    [F2P & P2P]
    • Loadstone Teleports & Teleportaion Tablets only work from Level 20 and below.
    • Donators: You can use ::d z (without the space between d and z) to teleport from anywhere in the Wilderness.
    • Dance Cards are NOT automatically saved upon death (tested this). I recommend bringing a Default Dance Card which is 100,000 FOG tokens for replacement.
    • Donators: I recommend using the Dance Floor Manual which is 5,000 FOG tokens for replacement.

    Revenants are scattered everywhere throughout the Wilderness, not just in these images. Keep in mind that Revenants roam freely and sometimes may not show up in these marked spots.
    (WARNING: There is a huge strykeworm that will ONE HIT YOU; but there are good revanents here)

    (Sometimes you'll spot the revenant further east of this location)


    (Beware of Green Dragons in this area)


    Additional Locations:

    Chaos Altar:
    The altar is located west of the Lava Maze.

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