Swept Away

Oct 18, 2015
Swept Away
  • Requirements:
    • 10 Thieving

    Items Recommended (can be bought from the G.E.):

    • Amulet of glory (4) or have the Draynor lodestone activated
    • Super energy flask (6)

    1. Teleport to Draynor then keep walking south till you reach this part near the Wizard's tower.


    2. Talk to Maggie there.


    3. She will tell you she needs your help, after you accept she will give you a list of items that you need to get for her; Newt, Vial of water && a Broomstick.



    4. Getting the broomstick; teleport to Taverly or use a Falador teleport and walk there.


    5. Once at the water mill place right in front of the lodestone go in and search the barrels to get a broomstick.



    6. Getting the Newt; teleport back to Draynor and walk to the Wizards' tower, once you're there search the bookcase there and you'll find the Newt.


    7. After acquiring all the items, go back and talk to Maggie again to give her the items she needed.


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