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  • Motivated and dedicated to changing not just my own situation, but yours too. I'm so impatient I wish it happened overnight. I'll go to sleep just thinking of the exciting things to have. Mainly, just you.
    I've been content before you. I've never wanted something more, not for me, but for us. My world looks different now that I've had the idea of you, I'm coming for all of it.
    You gave me something that I was asking for since a year ago. I finally got all of you for four seconds, I'm not giving that up. Candy has a new meaning to me, all I can hear now is you.
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    Imagine being a cuck
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    I can't write on ur status but you'll sit here and sit infront of me for days anyway lol how about you move out of my login spot? "Once in a blue moon"
    Looking over our conversations and always reminiscing what it really means to have eachother drowns out everything surrounding me. You're my best friend but sometimes we speak different languages.. @Señorita :yum
    Tell me all the things about you that make you yourself. You're like a book I've never read before and I really dont wanna put it down @Señorita
    Conversations we've never had are the pleasures that always keep me coming back. You're right, screaming at a flower doesn't help it grow. I'll just watch quietly. Take all the water I have. It was meant for you
    Sitting infront of you quietly is still better then most conversations I have during the day. Mundane interactions is all I've ever wanted
    What's wrong @YeeTz uterus? You keep deleting my posts about you being insecure retard trying to hide the fact I literally told Zaya to not argue on your profile? :laughing: :oops:
    @Señorita defend your boyfriend from his little rants on your statuses about how it's my fault when I made a comment about dicing go ahead
    Cry again yeetz you little bitch imagine thinking I care about your feelings you're literally a garbage human
    Imagine being fake like @YeeTz and treating the girl that he calls "genuine and heartwarming" differently because she doesn't wanna give him what he wants immediately. Nice fucking support there, fake mysogynist bastard. You're fucking gross.
    LMFAO @YeeTz deleting my posts when they're not even toxic or harmful towards your situation? You just wasted the one nice comment I was gonna give you, champ. I haven't even started sandbagging you for what a real manipulative cunt you are.
    And I'd give up forever to touch you, cause I know that you'd feel me somehow. You're the closest I've been to heaven I've ever been and I don't wanna go home right now.
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