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  1. myshottie

    Bruh try tinder

    Bruh try tinder
  2. myshottie


  3. myshottie

    sup andre? l00l0lllf0rl0frl0frl0frl0rfl0rfl0frl0l0frrf irlllll

    #cTM winnin again l00000000000000000000000000000000l rl sht
  4. myshottie

    Server Support

    LOL he will ban all he hates no sussport
  5. myshottie

    Closed Medows ban and shoutbox ban

    Dmn gl man
  6. myshottie

    Roflrf ye prob just ask one of ctm ig

    Roflrf ye prob just ask one of ctm ig
  7. myshottie

    Story Time Event - Win KBD CAPE + VIP + 200k FOG TOKENS

    ONCE UPON A TIM3 ... I was in ffa white portal nd another playa tried to fite me. I was like nah who do u think u are? So i pick up my rune scimmy and ns'd him for hours until he logged df off. I have neva seen him log bck in again. Any1 who dares fite #cTm wil suffer da same sht and disappar. thx
  8. myshottie

    whats yall lvls

    Am lvl 61 LOL jus start combat ydy
  9. myshottie

    Welcme new #cTm memba xx

    Welcme new #cTm memba xx
  10. myshottie

    YEEEEEE #cTm

    YEEEEEE #cTm
  11. myshottie

    Question of the day #4

    Moar ppl to NS in ffa #cTM
  12. myshottie

    Question of the day #5

    Typin on keyboard as a warrior #cTm
  13. myshottie

    Question of the day #5

    Remove , wrong post l0l
  14. myshottie


    Only da strong join l00000000l :).
  15. myshottie

    When can I have my account back?

    Same wit me no1 helped me. Dis only happens on pw? no othar server . so is makin me wonder it on purpose? @Troy explain ?
  16. myshottie

    Update Patch 19/6-2018

    Let train ig now? R0fl gud update espc gross rate
  17. myshottie

    say cheeeeseeee

  18. myshottie


    Happy bdai pass da beer
  19. myshottie

    World-based System

    Nice but thread longer den the numba pi
  20. myshottie

    Resolved Follow up on Flaming Shoutbox.

    :). Need dis fix why long wait

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