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  1. Baby Cupid

    Photography Event - WIN 4 different rewards

    GRATS ALL , amazing event stella :wow:
  2. Baby Cupid

    ; p

    ; p
  3. Baby Cupid

    Scenery Event - reward Wolf Set/Ghost Cloak

    fr0lfr0 thanks for telling me where u go to avoid me
  4. Baby Cupid

    Application for PW Server Support.

    support 0frl0rflr
  5. Baby Cupid

    Playworld Server Support Application

  6. Baby Cupid

    tazzy edating faggot avoidin f3 ngl N updates on mage's feelin ;p

    l0r0rl0fr f3 so stupidddddddddd l00000000000000lfr0 f dunkin nice chinfrlr0flre0fl er0f l0erf l NYEAH EH
  7. Baby Cupid

    reporting mod venom/tazzie

    invalid report.
  8. Baby Cupid

    fr0rf0lrflrf0rf kalebz

    fr0rf0lrflrf0rf kalebz
  9. Baby Cupid

    Approved Unban PW discord

    who r u ? frf00lrlf0lrf0lrf
  10. Baby Cupid

    Search and Destroy

    lr0lfr ill try to be on
  11. Baby Cupid

    fix freezing

    frrf0rl0 ahmad? get to work my niga frrf0lrl0
  12. Baby Cupid

    reporting hibe

    not sure frlr0ffr requesting thread to be closed as No Player Found by that name fr0lrf0r0lf0lr0lrf0lrf
  13. Baby Cupid

    reporting hibe

    whos hibe
  14. Baby Cupid

    dunkin's fans

    0r0lfr0lfr0lfrrf0lfrfr retard no1 cares
  15. Baby Cupid

    dh risk pk with aremnia

  16. Baby Cupid

    Question Name your fav beg/slave in F3 clan

    Fuck them all equally. :wow: #equality
  17. Baby Cupid

    Scenery Event - reward Wolf Set/Ghost Cloak

    fr00lrf0lfr dope event stella :wow:
  18. Baby Cupid

    Applying for Server Support

    support, if it wasnt for him id probably still have a virus on my windows vista. Thanks Hibe.
  19. Baby Cupid

    Any anime recommendations?


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