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  1. Baby Cupid

    You are all going to get ...

    fr-fr-rf0lrf000rf0lrf0lrf0lrf0lrf0lrf0lrf0rf0 mess with me and u will get anusbang p p place freshy
  2. Baby Cupid

    Me and the squad show how to rl0frf0 irl : $

    lfr0fr0 this a guide for nigas who wanna be toxic irl , bls watch carefully and practice in front of mirror so u can join my squad
  3. Baby Cupid

    dominos riding venom

    frl0rf0rfl0rf0lrf0rf just saw this nigga dominos sittin on venoms face and venom was like hes fine with it fr00rl nigas did this in public r0l0lfrl0rffr0 what freaks fr0fr0lrf0 venom u weird kinky bch :*
  4. Baby Cupid

    Selling Selling Korasi Sword

    fr0r0rf0r i got korasi sword bitches i want a lot for it so give offers fr0l0rf
  5. Baby Cupid

    Happy Anniversary To Me

    fr0lfr0lrf00lfr just like to give myself a shoutout on my 6th anniversary frfr0 im late but idgaf fr0rf like to thank myself for always staying dope and keepin it real.
  6. Baby Cupid

    fr0frrf0rffr0fr me when ...

    fr0f0lf00lfr0lfr this me when someone tries getting brave with me .
  7. Baby Cupid

    Oct 7th, 1952 - the one and only Putin is born.

    f0lr0lrfl0rfl0fr0lfr0 kinda late and disappointed in myself, but shoutout to one of the best dopest presidents to have walked on this earth fr0rf0l happy birthday my nigga keep it real as always fr0lf00lrf ty for makin world a safer place fr00lfr0lrf
  8. Baby Cupid

    Putins Song

    rfr0f0rf0rf back at it with more praise of the one and only Putin how dope does one need to be to get a song made of them fr0rf0rfrf say no more , heres Putins song 0fr0rf0
  9. Baby Cupid

    Dopest Man Ever - Putin Trolling US

    fl0fr00lrf0lrfrf0rf0 listen. :wow: Saudia arabia biggest shithole on earth, been fighting Yemen since 2015 ok? Saudia arabia is US' bitch fr0rf they will suck trumps dick no questions asked if need be rf0rf so anyways they got American Air defence systems but past few moths Yemen Resistance...
  10. Baby Cupid

    Resolved urgent need help !!

    fr0r0flrf0lrf0 :cry: bls need help asap cuz this is serious :shocked: my account keeps dc'ing ingame but if i use different account its all good? lrflr0 bls need someone to guide me thru this cuz game needs me to be ingame i feel this is goddess' doing cuz she scared of what will happen when...
  11. Baby Cupid

    snitches get bitches

    l0fr0lfr0lfr0lrf real niggas dont snitch
  12. Baby Cupid

    intense fight

    fr0rffr0f real niggas fighting
  13. Baby Cupid

    cant claim vote

    ;; claim not working pls :cry:
  14. Baby Cupid

    very serious argument

  15. Baby Cupid

    fire track #2

    frlr0lr as i said previous thread wont be mentioning names, but this is adjays hit single its my life, brought to u by adjay and shamima begum . watch all for adjays sake fr0lr00rfrf0r
  16. Baby Cupid

    fire despacito cover

    f0r0lrf0lr0l i wont mention names but this adjays version of despacito. enjoy frrf0rf Fire af btw fr00lrf0lrfl0 turn volume up btw fr0lrf
  17. Baby Cupid

    when i come online

    frrf0frf0 lexa is the green kid when she sees me online n tries to get my attention fr0rf0lr
  18. Baby Cupid

    its fcking RAW

    fr00lrf0lrf0lrf nothing pisses gordon off more than having raw food
  19. Baby Cupid

    dopest RS track

    f0r0lr ok not dopest, but one of em :wow: dare u to say otherwise:)
  20. Baby Cupid

    where the fck is the sauce


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