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    Answered month donator upgrade?

    i think so...
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    IRIS Event Hub

    We are doing a server wide animal or kitty contest. Post your best pet pic in DOWN BELOW OR SEND IT To ME IN DMS! for a chance at 50k TICKETS! server currency along with a custom role. Good luck everyone, and may the best win. As always, donations are accepted to support the events we...
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    Why was I banned?

    you deserves to be banned
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    dont google it

    dont google it
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    chicken <3

    chicken <3
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    Lyrical Event #1

    pw lit, banned users trying to give a fit, but we dont give a shit so stfu you fucking snitch.
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    sup andre? l00l0lllf0rl0frl0frl0frl0rfl0rfl0frl0l0frrf irlllll

    What a shame when an admin says " becarful from pw|"