1. Shadur

    Opening 51 Mystery Boxes + Facecam

    I decided to come back with making video's again for Medows & Playworld and kicking it off with 51 Mystery Boxes and as bonus Face-cam. Rewards are also shown at the end of the video if you are just interesting what I received. Hope you enjoy! One of the Rares is given away Sunday in my PK...
  2. Angeline

    Drop Party

    Hosting it on Wednesday around 7-8PM EST. See you all there! =)
  3. Angeline

    Drop Party

    Congrats to @Sl0ck Cl0ck, @black bird & @darth kedo for winning the rares. Thanks to everyone who could make it, it was fun.
  4. Angeline

    Drop Party

    Big drop party, including a rare. Wednesday, 7-9PM EST - good luck to everyone!

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