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Dec 15, 2013
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17. Harassment:
  • The harassment rule is made to make the forums look clean. Actions will only be taken if the person who is being harassed has not provoked anyone in anyway - that includes profile posts and PMs on forums.
19. Posting real-life information
  • This rule was added to protect the players' privacy and their real-life information. This includes their e-mails, last names, phone numbers, pictures, addresses, school, work, family members/friends, etc.
13. Grave digging:
  • Posting on any thread over a month old will now be put under the grave digging rule. You will be warned for grave digging and the second offence will result in a forum ban. This rule does not apply for updated guides.
12. Real life information:
  • You're here to play the game, not be an online stalker. Posting any sensitive real-life information of someone else, without their consent will result in a hard global mute. Attempts of indirectly spreading it, will still be considered as a rule break of #12.

Not only does this kid keep breaking these same rule sets he does it repeatedly while our shit staff continues to ignore it. @Troy @Mac @Spirit

this fucking post was reposted again as it was already deleted before so the motherfucker gravedigged it up just to re-post it.

How many times is this dumb fuck gonna post people's IP's their IRL videos photo's and shit before he's finally banned for breaking the fucking rule set listed?

This user is forum banned. so no, its not fucking retaliation he can't make threads or responses to any of the players during this time.


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Jul 17, 2014
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The only rule broken from that thread was "Posting Real-life Information", for which the video has been removed.

That video was also never posted before, so you got some wrong information.

Closed as the cause for the thread was Dagga encouraging the rule break to occur.

As for the IP's, those are not players IP's on here. It was obtained from sources outside of PlayWorld and the content posted are of outsiders, not of players here. We only protect users that are a player/user on the forum or game.
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