Snowball and Lamp Collection Guide

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Jul 8, 2014
Snowball & Lamp Collection Guide
  • The snow pile is located in two areas: Free For All (::home) and Donator Zone (::dz).
  • The Polar Bear Well is located in the Gamer's Grotto, right by Clan Wars. I recommend using Home Teleport Tablets after each collection of snowballs in your inventory (if you're collecting in FFA).

Follow these steps:

1) Have an empty inventory.
2) Go on P2P Mode (if you're using the FFA snow pile).
3) Avoid wearing heavy equipment.
4) Use a Pack Yak (purchased from Ariane -> Misc Shops -> Summoning Store).
5) Gather enough snowballs and lamps, deposit everything into your bank, and repeat.


(Free for All - White Portal)


(Donator Zone)

Percentages of snowball XP once deposited (the time limit of your XP bonus will be shown in-game once the snowballs are deposited):
  • 1-49 = 5%
  • 50-99 = 6%
  • 100-199 = 8%
  • 200-299 = 10%
  • 300-399 = 12%
  • 400-499 = 14%
  • 500-699 = 16%
  • 700-799 = 18%
  • 800-899 = 20%
  • 900-999 = 22%
  • 1000-1099 = 24%
  • 1100-1199 = 26%
  • 1200-1299 = 28%
  • 1300-1399 = 30%
  • 1400-1499 = 40%
  • 1500+ = 50%

Important Reminders & Additional Information:

  • You can deposit a set amount of snowballs at the well (e.g. 1000 snowballs).
  • A deposit of 1,000 snowballs in the well, will convert into a GP reward, which will then be dropped inside Free For All (white portal). The higher the total snow balls dropped in the well, the high GP value will be dropped.
  • You cannot withdraw noted snowballs that are deposited in your bank.
  • You will not receive lamps in every inventory that you complete.
  • You will receive more XP per lamp used, if you deposit snowballs in the well beforehand.
  • PLEASE READ THE LAST COMMENTS BELOW FOR UPDATED EXP RATES: Lamp sizes: small (344k) , medium (688k+), large (1.3m+), huge (2.7m+) - these XP rates are with Hati equipped (using the wisdom aura at the same time makes a slight different, so it's not necessary to purchase).
  • The total amount of XP for a 120 master cape is 104, 273,167.

Maximize your XP gain while using lamps:

  • Wear Hati equipment (Hati Head, Hati Cloak, Hati Paws) - remember to take the Hati equipment off when not in use, because it can degrade quickly. Obtainable at Hati (boss), view guide below.
  • Hati PvM Guide:
  • Wear a Wisdom Aura (purchased at Ariane-> Misc Shops -> Aura Shop 2) - this aura degrades quickly (around 6 minutes total); it is better to use this aura WHILE training a skill.
  • (A small lamp was used in this image with Hati equipped)

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Aug 18, 2013
Very well designed guide. I'm only multiple weeks late looking at this. I had taken a bit of a break from forums, but now I'm back.
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Jul 8, 2014
Lamp sizes: small (344k) , medium (688k+), large (1.3m+), huge (2.7m+) - these XP rates are with Hati equipped (using the wisdom aura at the same time makes a slight different, so it's not necessary to purchase).
Hi, the quote above is the old amount of EXP you could earn from each lamp. Below is an updated version of the amount EXP you can earn from each lamp:

Lamp sizes:
  • Small - 529,023
  • Medium - 1,058,046
  • Large - 2,116,092
  • Huge - 4,232,184
These rates were done while having Hati equipped, a Wisdom Aura activated, and during Doulble Experience (Global Reward). Also, keep in mind that these are the rates, AFTER you've achieved level 99 in the skill.
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Jul 8, 2014
:rofl:, so I'm assuming you got all 99s before the snow was around?
I actually was maxed when I started (that's how it used to be on previous servers). However, I got all of my 120s by picking snow and did not use a macro.