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Sep 25, 2011
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All original rules still apply, the thread can be found here.

This thread is an explanation on how rules are enforced or what is considered a rule break - if any numbers were skipped; that means nothing else has to be explained about it.

1. Spamming:
  • Spamming random letters, symbols, or numbers every couple of seconds is still considered spamming.
  • Spamming is enforced in private chats, public chat and friends chats.
  • Using the polar bear or dice after you've been account/IP muted, to spam will result in a ban.
2. Auto typing:
  • In addition to the 7 second rule, if you are using an autotyper for several minutes, and the message has no meaning to it, you will be muted if you do not stop.
4. Advertising:
  • Advertising is forbidden. You will receive a hard global mute.
5. Phishing:
  • Phishing will result in a ban, forums or in game. If you think someone has posted a phishing link message me or any moderator to deal with it.
6. Bug abusing:
  • If you are bug abusing, it is better to report the bug as you will be rewarded. Failing to report the bug will result in you being banned and more wealth taken away from you.
7. Flaming the server:
  • Flaming the server is not allowed. You will receive 1 warning. Failing to follow the rule will result in a account mute. If further actions need to be taken, an IP mute will be given out.
9. Scamming:
  • You will need video evidence for scamming. Screenshots are not a sufficient amount of proof. When doing any trades/gambling it is recommended to be recorded or have a moderator watching it entirely.
10. Bots/Macros:
  • Bots are forbidden entirely on PlayWorld. Use of macros are allowed, as long as its not being used for PvP purpose.
11. DDoS threats:
  • DDoS threats are not allowed. If you're doing this amongst your friends, that's fine. However doing it to cause disruptive behaviour to other players, will result in actions being taken against you.
  • If you threaten to DDoS the server, you will be muted instantly.
12. Real life information:
  • You're here to play the game, not be an online stalker. Posting any sensitive real-life information of someone else, without their consent will result in a hard global mute. Attempts of indirectly spreading it, will still be considered as a rule break of #12.
Rules specifically for the forums - above rules can still lead to action being taken on forums:

13. Pornography:
  • Posting any pornography/nudity results in the thread being removed and a forum ban.
14. Off-topic:
  • Going off topic a couple of times will be tolerated, but continuing to keep going off topic after being warned not too by a forum moderator will result in the posts being deleted and a ban will be placed.
15. Harassment:
  • The harassment rule is made to make the forums look clean. Actions will only be taken if the person who is being harassed has not provoked anyone in anyway - that includes profile posts and PMs on forums.
16. Shoutbox disciplines
  • Excessive flaming/spamming is not allowed if it fills up the shoutbox (trolling is allowed to a limit) - you will get 2 warnings and then will be shoutbox banned. You are allowed to only troll a troller. If you flame a non-troller, your shoutbox rights will be revoked.
17. Posting real-life information
  • This rule was added to protect the players' privacy and their real-life information. This includes their e-mails, last names, phone numbers, pictures, addresses, school, work, family members/friends, etc.

Please note that:

** When creating a report, date and time must be provided. If no date or time is provided, then the report will be invalid. Posting any evidence older than 2 days old, will lead to no actions. If they break the rules, don't wait to report them.

** Private reports can be used for actions to be taken against you. PM a staff member in-game or on the forums if you wish to make your report private.

** If you are a trusted dicer, and you scam, you will lose your rank.

** Charge backs results in a permanent account termination.

Rules are always subject to change - at any time necessary.
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