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Auras Guide

Aug 26, 2016
Auras Guide
  • An aura offers a temporary effect, which cannot be paused. Removing an aura will stop the effect, and reduce the remaining time to zero. You can check the remaining time left by right-clicking an equipped aura and choosing 'Aura time remaining'. Also, if the account using an aura is logged out while the aura is activated, the timer will continue to run out.

    After use, an aura must go through a cool-down period before being used again. The cool-down period's length is specified by the particular aura. The cool-down period continues when the player is logged out. If an aura is removed or deactivated prematurely, the remaining duration of the aura is added to the cool-down period.

    • Auras are not tradeable.
    • Auras are sold at the Misc shop.
    • Each Aura costs 1 Ecto-Token, that can be made/used from the quest tab.
    • Harmony, Corruption and Salvation are the 3 Auras that are only for Extreme Donators.

    The Wisdom Aura gives EXP boost in training any skill, this Aura will last for 7 minutes when equipped. So it's advised to first go to the place you want to train and equip the Wisdom Aura and quickly activate the aura by clicking the equip tab and click activate on the aura.

    If you remove the Aura, You'll have to wait again for it to recharged in order to re-activate it, So do not remove the Aura if you do not want to wait for another re-activation. After 7 minutes of worn Wisdom Aura, the aura will turn to dust and to use a new Wisdom Aura, you must wait for a small interval. (right click -> time remaining) to check how long is left to use the Wisdom.


    Unlike other auras, cosmetic auras, or effects, only affect the appearance of a player. There is also no activation or cool-down time.
    There are currently 8 Gaze Auras that can be bought from the Misc shop, to give a player various cosmetic effects.