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Gertrude's Cat

Mar 28, 2018
Gertrude's Cat
  • Requirements:

    Items Recommended (can be bought from the G.E.):

    • Varrock teleport or have the Varrock lodestone activated
    • Lumberyard teleport
    • Super energy flask (6)
    • Raw sardine
    • Bucket of milk

    1. Teleport to Varrock and keep walking west till you reach Gertrude's house. Talk to her and ask her about her problem.


    2. After you talk to her she'll tell you to talk to Wilough and Shilop in Varrock square. (Before you leave her house go to the back and pick up some doogle leaves and use it on the raw sardine.)


    3. After talking to Wilough, teleport to the lumberyard or walk there and look for fluffs there.


    4. Try to pick up fluffs then use the Bucket of milk and the Doogle sardine on it. Try and pick it up one more time it doesn't want to leave and can hear kittens mewing in the distance.


    5. Search this Jiggling crate to find fluff's kittens.


    6. Go back to Gertrude's house and talk to her.


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