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Zombie mode

Aug 26, 2016
Zombie mode
  • Here is the new Minigame to provide a fun time among friends/others in general.

    The new minigame is titled as "Zombie Mode". This minigame is played with other players, with two teams in play.

    1. Humans
    2. Zombies

    When all the waiting players are added in the game, random player(s) are picked to become the Zombie and infect other humans to make Zombies win and humans have to survive in order to win.

    Points to note for this minigame:
    • Players are not allowed to take any equipment or inventory items in the minigame.
    • The white portal at north-east of the map, will teleport you to a random spot of the map, if you stand on it.
    • Humans are capable to search objects and get random items to help in their survival.
    • Zombies and Humans start with 0 prayer points. Humans can get prayer points, if they get a prayer potion from searching an object.
    • Zombies run-energy is replenished consistently, which allows them to be on the move always.
    • Zombies default damage is reduced. Their damage rate will increase significantly, if they use the power inventor.
    • The minigame requires a minimum of 10 players.
    • Each game runs for 10 minutes and waiting time runs for 30 seconds.
    • Winning team is rewarded with 10 clan points to their clan and either 100-500 FOG tokens or 1M -5M Coins. If its a draw, the rewards are given to both teams, for the cost of half the initial reward.
    • Zombies looks are random and are assigned based on your character gender.
    • Zombies minimap are blacked out.
    • Zombies re-spawn when they die and are given a random inventor as their special ability.
    • [​IMG]
      • Invisible Inventor - Allows you to temporary go invisible.
      • Human Inventor - Allows the Zombie to temporary disguise into a human.
      • Speed Inventor - Allows Zombies to either enter a name or use it on the Human. This will make the Zombie speed up towards you and do damage on you.
      • Power Inventor - Temporary boosts your hit damage.
    • Humans are capable of receiving the Invisible and Power Inventors.
    • Supplies from the objects are limited. However, they do restock. So keep an eye in the in-game message